Why WQK spherical roller bearings?

Why WQK  spherical roller bearings?

WQK bearings are developed for customer satisfaction. The best confirmation of the total quality of WQK spherical roller bearings is their

success on the market. There are twice as many WQK spherical roller bearings in service as those of any other bearing manufacturer. This is not just by chance: WQK spherical roller bearings are well-proven in the field and undergo continuous development to provide improved performance.


Application efficiencies

WQK spherical roller bearings have a very high load carrying capacity in the radial and axial directions. Bearing applications become increasingly cost effective due to

long service life

compact arrangements.


Reduced operating costs

The optimized and robust internal design of WQK spherical roller bearings minimizes friction and heat, and by this, lubricant consumption. In service, this reduces costs due to

less machine downtime

minimized maintenance requirements

high reliability.


Standard solution

Many bearing applications previously fitted with expensive special bearings can now be equipped with WQK spherical roller bearings. Because of the global availability of WQK spherical roller bearings, delivery is not a problem!


Customer satisfaction

Equipment owners will be impressed by the low operating costs in combination with high reliability contributed by WQK spherical roller bearings.


Spherical roller bearing series

A complete bearing range covers all series currently in demand. Taking availability into account, this constitutes the most complete range on the market. Narrow low-section bearings have better speed, space and weight characteristics. Wide high-section bearings have higher load carrying capacity.


WQK spherical roller bearings

Open bearings are available in sizes from 20 to 1 800 mm bore diameter with either a cylindrical or tapered bore to suit all mounting methods. To facilitate efficient lubrication, most bearings are provided with an annular

groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring. The bearings are available in a wide number of series designed to satisfy the following

selection criteria

load carrying capacity

combination of radial and axial loads

rotational speed

available space in the application.

WQK spherical roller bearings leading in design Standard bearings: 

a unique combination  of design features


All WQK spherical roller bearings have features in common that are unique in the market.

symmetrical rollers

special roller profile

self-guiding rollers

floating guide ring between the two rows

of rollers

bearing components dimensionally

stabilized for high temperatures

metallic cages.


To facilitate efficient bearing lubrication WQKstandard spherical roller bearings are provided with three lubrication holes in the outer ring, usually in combination with an annular groove. Depending on the series and size, standard WQK spherical roller bearings are basically manufactured to four different designs

E design

CC design

CA design.

MB design.


E design

Consists of symmetrical rollers, two hardened window-type steel cages centred on the flangeless inner ring via a floating guide ring between the

two rows of rollers.


CC design

Consists of symmetrical rollers, two window-type steel cages centred on

the flangeless inner ring via a floating guide ring between the two rows

of rollers.


CA design

Consists of symmetrical rollers, a double pronged, machined brass or steel cage, centred on the inner ring via a floating guide ring between the two rows of rollers, an inner ring with retaining flanges.

MB design

Two-piece precision-machined brass retainer and strengthened symmetric rollers;


Durable cage design

Steel and brass cages are strong as well as tolerant to high temperatures and all lubricants. Small and medium size bearings have window-type steel cages, larger sizes have machined brass or steel, double pronged cages.


Very high load carrying capacity

The symmetrical rollers self-adjust, providing an even load distribution

along the roller length. This provides very high load carrying capacity 

under all load combin-ations.

No edge stresses

The special roller profile virtually eliminates the risk of edge stresses. Reduced friction and minimum heat generation.


Excellent performance at high temperatures. High-strength, dimensionally stable bearing rings minimize the risk of ring cracking and also enable good performance at high temperatures


The unique WQK spherical roller bearing designs were the starting points for further development of materials and manufacturing processes. WQK spherical roller bearings are the result of the work of a very skilled team of engineers and scientists and intensive fine tuning processes, which, taken all together constitutes a new performance level for spherical roller bearings.


Ultra-clean steel provides longer service life under heavy loads.

Heat treatment

Unique procedures significantly improve wear-resistance and hardness.


Refined processes enable the production of smoother running bearings that maximize the effects of the lubricant.

Internal geometry

A fine-tuned micro-geometry of the rolling contacts provides better stress distribution.

Running accuracy and width tolerances

The majority of WQK spherical roller bearings are manufactured as standard to P5 tolerance class for running accuracy. This makes them outstanding on the spherical roller bearing market as well as in relation to other bearing types. A tight width tolerance contributes to simplified mounting procedures in certain applications.


Efficient in all industrial segments


Industrial segment


Mining and construction

Fluid machinery

Material handling

Industrial gearboxes

Textile industry



Long service life, high reliability, minimized maintenance and the ability to design compact arrangements have made WQK spherical roller bearings indispensable in many industries.  In addition to the industrial segments listed above, WQK spherical roller bearings are also used in bridges, dam gates, electric motors, generators, plastic calenders, extruders, printing machines, robots and many other applications. Because end users are recognizing that high quality bearings deliver an excellent return on investment, WQK spherical roller bearings have become the preferred choice  in new applications.